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Young Health Champion Programme

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About us

Public Health- Start Well offer delivery of the Young Health Champion programme on behalf of the Royal Society of Public Health.

We understand that young people are more likely to get advice and support from their peers than professionals or those in a position of authority.

The programme is designed to empower, educate and inform young people about their health and wellbeing and local services in order for them to look after themselves, make healthier life choices, and access support at appropriate times. They are also given the confidence to act as role models to their peers and use their knowledge to support and signpost their peers to relevant services.
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What is included?

The Young Health Champions programme is a health and wellbeing qualification delivered over 4 days (or equivalent) to young people aged 14 to 24 years.

Modules include;
  • Raising awareness of positive and negative impacts on health and wellbeing
  • Local services and support
  • One optional module- sexual health, emotional wellbeing, drugs and alcohol, physical activity, diet and nutrition
  • Development and delivery of health and wellbeing campaign

All workbooks and resources are included in the delivery of the programme.

Opportunities and benefits for schools and settings include:
  • Improves health and wellbeing of young people
  • Increase health literacy
  • Supports messages of personal, social and health education/spiritual, moral, social and cultural education
  • School will have advocates they can use to increase health promotion, participation and capture the young people’s voice
  • Opportunity to develop peer support networks and identify volunteers
  • Increase to education offers which is ambitious for our young people
  • Increase of confident and self-reliant young people who have been encouraged to raise their aspirations

Benefits for the young people include:
  • Create a support network for young people in school
  • Opportunity to lead on proactive programmes of behaviour change
  • Development of skills for the workplace
  • Increased knowledge of positive and negative influences on health
  • Increase links to the key local and national support services
  • Gain confidence in communication skills
  • Able to signpost peers, family and the wider community to services
  • Lead on programmes of work on behalf of organisations
  • Participate in service redesign and delivery
  • Opportunities for CV development

There is no cost to this programme.
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What's not included

The Young Health Champions will require staff support during and post delivery.

There is currently no offer for young people with SEND.
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Programme Delivery

The YHC programme takes approximately 30 hours to complete and can be delivered in three different formats;

  • Dedicated after school sessions 2.5/3 hours each week
  • Four full days in over half term
  • Half/ full days in the summer holidays

Can be delivered in the school setting or in the local community (if appropriate setting is secured and agreed).

Young people must commit to the complete the course with school staff support.
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For enquiries or further information about the Young Health Champion Programme please email the Public Health Start Well team on wiganyounghealthchampions@wigan.gov.uk
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“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to take part in the Young Health Champion course. All the leaders were lovely and it was an amazing insight into the council and public health. I feel more confident to present and talk in front of people and to advise friends. Thank you!”

“I have encouraged my mates to stop smoking and one of my mates is currently quitting.”

“Really enjoyable experience and a great way for young people to learn about health and fitness and how to fit it into their lifestyle and everyday life's. Staff were kind and overall very thorough and shared great knowledge on health.”
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Facebook page: Wigan Young Health Champions

Twitter and Instagram: @wiganyounghealthchampions
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